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SMPO began business in 1984.

Since that time SMPO has grown and diversified its core business into operating companies focused on government leased real estate and national credit tenant development, management, and sales. SMPO's operating companies consist of Properties, Development, Financial, Management and Real Estate.

SMPO began its development history in 1984 working for investors and joint venture partners focusing on U S Postal development. In the early 1990's, we diversified with U S General Services Administration (GSA) projects. By 2000, we had established relationships with various credit tenant firms for build-to-suit projects across the Nation. Since our beginning, we have completed more than 150 government leased facilities and commercial credit tenant leased facilities nationally. As we have grown to encompass other projects, we have embraced a partnering concept that has proven very effective.

SMPO's approach to our projects is to acquire, develop and manage properties for long term ownership and growth. Our corporate philosophy is to carefully select new opportunities that will offer a market return on our investment. We identify opportunities and use innovative strategies for improving asset performance. With an open forum for the exchange of information, our partnerships are cohesive and balanced to provide win/win business relationships. We recognize that the scope of each business venture requires careful analysis in order to structure the right team. Through team work and partnering, SMPO provides the appropriate strength and ability to develop any project regardless of size or complexity.

SMPO can provide the strength and ability to develop any project regardless of size.

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Our ultimate goal is to deliver quality facililties and service.